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Wherein the Winchester boys (and their angels) meet up with some of the portrayers of their fictional childhood heroes. This week, its Joe Penney and Perry King. That's right. Of Riptide fame. This could be read as a follow up to the piece I wrote about the Impala/Torino, but either story could stand on its own.

I should admit, here, that I haven't actually purchased the Riptide DVDs (but plan too, soon), so I don't feel comforatable writing for the fictional characters yet. This fic was largely inspired by this youtube vid of Joe and Perry on Merv Griffin

After watching Joe's body language and noting the discomfort in his responses to questions about his supposed 'lady friend' I made up a little scenario of his unrequited love for Perry in my head. I also read some speculation on the internet that his dating of  particular sexpot of the late 80s was just all for his image and she was really just a beard.

I will have to post in 2 parts because LJ hates me (kidding. about the hating part).

So without further ado, I give you...

Changing Tides (because I suck at titles)


Changing Tides



It was pretty amazing, when Dean thought about it. The way he and Cas had finally stopped all their dancing around their mutual attraction and admitted their feelings to each other.

Well, the most amazing part, in Dean’s estimation, was that Cas could feel anything near the same pull that he did. But, feel it, Cas did. He showed Dean just how much over that past week, since the two of them had been brought together in unusual circumstances. Even for the Hunter and the Angel, these could be considered unusual.

In retrospect, the fact that they had apparently been responding to ‘encouragement’ from Dean’s Impala, should not have come as that much of a surprise. Dean always suspected there was more to his baby than Detroit’s assembly plant had factory installed. It’s why he’d always taken such extra-special care of her.

Just like his dad had taught him. “Take care of her, and she’ll take care of you,” John Winchester had advised is son.

As usual, Dean followed his dad’s instructions. And he’d gotten it right, this time.

So, as Dean found himself sitting next to his Angel, as the Impala headed towards another mysterious destination he was feeling pretty content. No. It was more than content. Dean was happy. He so seldom allowed himself the luxury of feeling happiness – without some dire circumstance looming in the distance – that he’d almost forgotten how it felt.

After the averted Apocalypse, things had settled down considerably. No longer did Dean have to worry that his every decision may or may not mean the end of the world. Literally.

It was back to hunting restless spooks and shape-shifters and the occasional demon. Just like the good old days. Plus, now he had Cas beside him and his brother. It almost seemed unfair, to have that kind of power on their side. Cas’ angel-mojo could get them out of a number of scrapes virtually unscathed.

But, considering the alternative, he’d happily take that advantage. And it wasn’t like he and Sam didn’t still have to do their part. They had instincts and skills that Cas could never be taught. Together they made a pretty good team.

Even if it meant that Dean had to put up with Cas’ annoying brother as he became a more frequent member of their squad. And, though Dean would hate to admit it, Gabriel’s whole archangel deal was a nice card to have up your sleeve when things got really dicey.

If he wasn’t so damn…smug and annoying. And Dean was pretty sure he didn’t like the keen interest Gabriel seemed to show toward Sam. And he couldn’t help feeling somewhat left out and jealous when Sam and Gabriel would share those little secret smiles when they thought he wasn’t paying attention.

Dean was also fairly certain that Gabriel was gonna be a bad influence on his brother, who had a bit of a history when it came to being led down the garden path by someone with an agenda.

Anyway, he and Cas were due to meet up with Sam and Gabriel this afternoon. Dean would feel better, once he could see for himself that Sammy was okay.

Suddenly, Dean noticed the turn indicator had begun flashing.

I guess this must be the place,” Dean said with a smile to Cas as he turned the Impala into the long drive of the maritime salvage operation.

It warmed Dean to see the smile Cas gave him in return. Full of promise and knowing, and yet still a little shy. Dean could swear that if they were standing right now, Cas would be scuffing his feet. It broke Dean’s heart a little bit to think that Cas could still feel anything less than worthy of Dean’s affection.

When, if anyone was undeserving, it was Dean.

Dean resolved to reassure Cas of his deep and abiding love as soon and as frequently as possible. In fact, he was looking forward to it.

The Impala slowed to a stop near the salvage dock and Dean and Cas took their cue and exited the vehicle. The Angel made his way from around the back of the car to take his familiar place at Dean’s side, and the men stood in companionable silence waiting for whatever the next chapter of their journey had in store.

Wonder when Sammy is gonna get here?” Dean voiced.

Our plans to meet with him and Gabriel, did seem rather vague,” Castiel commented.

My brother, the Master of Understatement, ladies and Gentleman.”

Dean flinched at Gabriel’s voice before turning to take in the sight of Sam and the Archangel.

Sam didn’t wait for salutations and immediately grabbed Dean in a big bear hug. Without thinking, Dean returned the hug equal fervor until he considered what the display might mean to his image. Soon he was shaking Sam off and giving him a punch in the arm.

Whoa there, Sasquatch. You trying to hug the stuffing out of me or what,” Dean asked in a slightly embarrassed tone.

Hello, Sam. Hello, brother,” Castiel said offering his hand to each, mimicking the human gesture he had learned first from Sam. If Dean didn’t know better, he’d think the normally clueless Cas was trying to diffuse the chick flick moment because he knew how much Dean disliked awkward social interaction.

He had to love his Angel for that.

Sam took the hint and fell into the familiar role of trying to assess their latest situation.

Gabriel’s right,” Sam said ignoring the way Dean’s brow furrowed at those words, “You were pretty sketchy on the details of this job. Hell we didn’t even know where we were supposed to go until Gabriel got Cas’ text a few minutes ago.”

Dean snapped his head to look at Cas who avoided meeting his gaze.

I knew you were anxious to see your brother. I thought I might help accelerate the timetable,” Cas explained, reasonably.

And there was no arguing with that logic. Dean gave Cas a reassuring nod then turned to Sam.

Yeah, well, the thing is, we’re not exactly sure ourselves. The last job we had was really weird,” Dean said.

Color me surprised,” snarked Gabriel.

Dean rolled his eyes and continued speaking directly Sam while pointedly ignoring the annoying Archangel.

You’ll never guess who we met,” Dean enthused. He was trying not to sound like too much of a girl about it, but he still thought it was cool to have a brush with greatness. Especially when the greatness had nothing to do with angels or demons or other various otherworldly beings. Just honest to goodness celebrities.

Briefly, he wondered if this is how Becky felt when she met Sam and Dean for the first time. But he dismissed the thought as quickly as it came to him. Dean Winchester was nobody’s fangirl.

Sam raised his eyebrows in anticipation of Dean’s story.

Remember Starsky and Hutch?”

The TV show?”

Of course, the TV show. We said we’d never speak about that travesty of a movie adaptation ever again, Sammy,” Dean said, deadly serious. To him there was no greater sin than messing with a classic, whether it be a television program or a beloved car. Well. Okay. Maybe life had taught him there were a few greater sins. But, still...It was in the top ten.

Okay. So? What about it.”

We met them,” Dean said, trying to affect nonchalance, knowing he was doing a crappy job of it.

No way!” Sam said, giving Dean a shove.

Straightening up from Sam’s push (dammit, sometimes the kid didn’t know his own strength), Dean nodded vigorously.

Way, Sammy. They were awesome,” Dean replied, then added proudly, “We got them their car back for em.”

Not the Torino!”

This time Dean anticipated his brother’s reaction and was able to dodge, with a nod and a laugh, when Sam lunged for him.

Ahhem! Excuse me. Could somebody please explain the significance of these Starksy and Hutch people, before I die of boredom?” Gabriel tried to sound disinterested, but Dean could tell he was aching to know.

It’s pronounced ‘Star-sky.’ Apparently they were fictional characters on a police television drama that aired in the 1970’s,” Castiel offered helpfully. “I was able to glean that Dean was somewhat of a fan, based on his knowledge of their history.”

Dean made a mental note to thank Cas later for not letting on how Dean had fawned all over the guys when he first met them.

Yeah. They were detectives and they drove this cool looking Ford Torino. Red with a white stripe along the sides,” Sam added.

Hunh. Sounds like an advertisement for Coca-cola. Guess they weren’t expected to do much undercover work in a flashy ride like that,” Gabriel surmised.

Dean frowned a little at that remark. He’d heard that argument before, but he had always been willing to suspend his disbelief on account of the guys being so…awesome. Besides, he’d seen plenty of things in his life that most folks would never believe unless actually confronted with the evidence. And sometimes not even then.

So, is that why we’re here? Are we going to meet them?” Sam asked, curious but not nearly as desperate as Dean would have been if he’s been in his place.

Sorry, Sammy. They ended up going on to Paul’s place in Venice after we made sure the Torino was going there,” Dean said apologetically.

Oh. Okay, then. Wait. So ‘they’ went to Venice? Together? They’re still friends, then. That’s cool.” said Sam.

Oh, I think they’re more than that,” Dean said.

What do you mean?”

Remember when you explained the meaning of slash to me?”

Oh,” Sam took a moment to consider what his brother was saying, then grinned. “Cool,” he reiterated.

What is the meaning of ‘slash’?” Castiel inquired guilelessly.

Gabriel sighed. “Cas, Cas, Cas. Poor sheltered Cas. Remind me to show you some interesting stories about you and Dean-o that Becky posted on the internet,” he said with a smirk.

Then, noticing the glare he was getting from the Hunter standing near his brother’s shoulder he added, “Really, Dean. You’ll thank me later.”

Somehow, I doubt that,” Dean replied, “Besides, I can explain the whole concept to Cas later. Maybe even give him a little demonstration…” Dean trailed off as he slipped his arm around Cas’ waist and drew him near.

So. You and Cas?” Sam asked carefully.

Uh-huh,” Dean confirmed. Cas just beamed.

Hallelujah! You mean you finally got over yourself enough to be able to admit that you had feelings for him?” Gabriel actually sounded delighted at the news.

Gabriel,” admonished Castiel, “Dean is not the only one in this relationship to suffer from possessing a stubborn nature. Thankfully, he was brave enough to take that first step. But then, I have always known Dean to be the most courageous man in-“

Please, Cas. I’m begging you. Snap out of with the Dean Winchester-praise before I have to snap you out of it. Literally,” Gabriel warned.

Sammy. You okay with this?” Dean asked. “I know it probably comes as pretty big shock-“

Shock my ass! Gabriel’s right,” (Again? Thought Dean. He did not like that particular turn of phrase).

You two have been mooning over each other for months. I just hope that you getting laid on regular basis makes you less bossy,” crowed Sam.

Don’t count on it, Bitch,” Dean replied.

Jerk,” responded Sam.

Ahh. Familial nicknames. Why don’t you and I ever tease each other like that, Cas?” Gabriel asked.

You wish for me to refer to you as a female dog?” Cas asked with a tilt of his head.

Forget it. The moment has passed,” Gabriel said dismissively, “But…since we seem to be sharing…” he gave Sam a beseeching look.

Uhm. Yeah. I guess it’s as good a time as any,” Sam said in seeming agreement.

For what?” Dean asked suspiciously.

Let’s just say: Gabriel slash Sam,” the Archangel stated, simply.

Awww…hell no! Seriously? Sam?” Dean implored with wide eyes.

Rather than shrinking back from the harshness of his brother’s tone, Sam seemed to draw himself even taller as he slid a possessive arm around Gabriel’s shoulders.

Seriously,” Sam confirmed and seemed to brace himself for challenge.

And Dean noticed that Gabriel seemed buoyed by Sam’s admission. Like, maybe he wasn’t sure Sam would want to admit his feelings to his brother. He seemed proud and relieved at the same time.

And, more importantly in Dean’s estimation, Sam looked happy. Damn happy.

Dean sighed in resignation.

Yeah. Okay…I get it. But if you hurt my brother you’ll have to answer to me,” Dean warned Gabriel.

Returning Dean’s stern look, Gabriel nodded and cocked his head in the direction of Castiel.




Wow. I can see it’s going to be nothing but round table-level discussions with you guys,” Sam chuckled, “But I still don’t know why we’re here.”

The four men looked around the salvage yard.

Good question, last time we were in a place like this we found-“

Just then the wind picked up a tarp that had been fully covering a vessel on the edge of the marina. The entire sheeting rose up and resettled elsewhere, out of sight.

Revealing a once stately cabin cruiser. There was no mistaking the lettering on her stern.


Dean furrowed his brow, trying to remember why that name was familiar, when he heard an audible gasp from his brother.

Sam had already started walking toward the vessel as if being drawn there by some other-worldly force. Dean’s recent experiences meant that he wasn’t as overly concerned about Sam’s reaction as he would have been a year ago. This wasn’t any demonic possession at work.

Dean and the two angels followed in Sam’s wake as he made his way to the boat. Once there, he reached out and touched it reverently.

It was Gabriel who broke the silence.

Something you care to share with the class, Samuel?” Gabriel prodded gently.

As if Gabriel’s voice had broken his trance, Sam quickly looked at him and Dean and Cas, blinking his wide eyes.

This boat…it was part of a TV show that I used to watch a lot in reruns when I was growing up."

That’s right. I remember. You really liked that show!”

Sam shrugged and blushed.

So? You liked Starsky and Hutch. But Dad didn’t like me watching that with you because he thought it was too violent.”

There was an awkward pause as Sam and Dean both realized how ironic that was considering the ‘family business’ their Dad brought them into. “I stumbled on this show when you guys were off doing your hunts before Dad let me come along. I kinda felt like…I dunno. Like I had some sort of ownership because I found it on my own.”

I wasn’t dissing you, Sammy. Or the show, really,” Dean said.

You know, for two guys who could hold such a grudge against me for inserting them in TV Land, television seems to have played a surprisingly large part in you formative years.”

Dean scowled at the memory of the Trickster’s pranks.

I’m just sayin,” Gabriel added with an impish grin.

Ignoring Gabriel, rather than say something he’d regret, Dean continued, “They were sorta like cops, right?”

More like private detectives,” Sam corrected as he nodded.

I fail to see how this vessel would figure prominently into such a scenario,” Cas stated with confused tilt of the head.

Sam laughed, “Yeah. I dunno, somebody’s great idea to put the show near the water. Lots of excuses to see half-dressed women. I’m sure the networks loved that.”

Not just women,” Dean added, “I seem to recall Nick and his partner-“

Cody,” supplied Sam.

Right. Well, seems to me working on a boat-“

Actually, they lived on the boat.”

Of course. You would know that,” Dean said, shaking his head, “Working and living on a boat would afford the two hunks plenty of opportunities to run around shirtless at least.”

Not as many as you might think,” Sam offered in a disappointed voice, without thinking.

At Gabriel’s raised eyebrows, Sam blushed and looked away.

Gabriel was never one to let such an opportunity pass.

So…this Nick and Cody. They lived on this boat,” he said gesturing toward the Riptide, “Together?” Now Gabriel was waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

No. I mean, yes. But it wasn’t like that. I mean…I don’t think it was…at least I didn’t think of it at the time. They were both so…I dunno…macho. They had both served in Vietnam. The military…”

Yeah, Sammy. I think it’s called compensating,” Dean suggested with a smirk of his own.

For some reason, Sam felt compelled to add, “Nick flew a helicopter,” as if that explained everything.

Oh yeah. I remember that. It had some girly name,” said Dean.

The Mimi,” Sam said almost under his breath.

That’s right! Oh my god. It was pink!” Dean was trying hard not to be disrespectful toward Sammy’s heroes. But come on.

That doesn’t mean-“

PINK! Sammy,” Dean laughed, but then quickly got himself under control.

Anyway. So what. Right, Sammy? They were cool guys. Could kick some serious ass too,” Dean said in all honesty.

At least Sam didn’t look like he was gonna cry anymore.

As he and Dean started to consider the puzzle before them, they both had the same thought.

You think this is like what happened when you found the Torino? Maybe we’re gonna meet them?” Sam said hopefully.

Truthfully? I have no idea. But if this scene plays out anything like the one back in Kansas-“

Excuse me,” Dean heard an unfamiliar voice from behind him and Sam.


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