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Okay. After reading everyone else’s choices the past couple days, I decided I’d try my hand at this. HBB, not surprisingly, came up with the loveliest dilemma for me to ponder.
Seriously? I mean, wow.
I decided to go with my first inclinations on this one. Because once you start thinking and re-thinking you can hurt you wee brain.

Shag: Illya. Yep. For a one-time deal, I’d be all over that. The danger the borderline ravenous appetite could translate into something quite tasty in the bedroom. Plus: Bonus points for being able to talk dirty to me in Russian. Long term, I think it would be hard to deal with the cloak and dagger routine (for me). And he strikes me as emotionally unavailable (perhaps the Ice Prince just needs the special skills of another UNCLE agent to thaw him a bit).
Marry: RayK. Oh! I love me, my Ray. I think we share a common Midwestern sensibility about things. Neither of us suffers fools gladly. And OMG, I’ve seen into his future and he ages SO WELL.

We also share an appreciation of a certain Mountie. And I am resigned to the fact that I would merely be a placeholder until he and Fraser get past their…whatever-the-hell-it-is that keeps them from realizing they are in love. Maybe even give him a nudge in that direction. I will bow out gracefully at that point.
Cliff. Well, on one hand I can’t believe I am saying this, but on the other, it makes perfect sense: Dean. It would be difficult, but after a kiss of benediction placed on my sweet Dean’s forehead, I would gently push him over that cliff, even as I watch Sam’s bitch-face of horror (#37 for those of you scoring at home, you know the one). Because I know, as surely as I know that the sun will rise tomorrow, that Dean’s Angel-Boyfriend, Castiel will manifest those magnificent, majestic wings and be there to catch him. Then I’ll laugh at Sam’s bitch-face of WTF? (#64) as we both are treated to the sight of bother and the Angel in an amorous lip lock.

Piccies of the supporting players in my scenario here

Heh.  That was fun. Anybody left, that wants to play, I’d be happy to throw some choices your way.
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