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So a couple of you have shared pics of different parts of your homes and that gave me an idea to share as well. Since I can never think of anything interesting to say, I thought I snap some pics of my office at work, so you can all see the glamorous way I spend my days.

I'll put most behind the cut so you don't have to be spammed with my terrible photography (my fine motor skills suck so they are kinda fuzzy...damn shakey hands!)

We begin, as I do each weekday morning, at my personal sigle cup coffee maker. It was a gift from my boss and some co-workers and I love it. Makes coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. (some of you may recognize my S&H travel mug from last year's SHarecon)

Next I greet my computer. Heloooo Dean & Cas (and hai Gumby and Pokey!)

I look to my left, against the other wall is a file cabinet. Covered with vacation pics and swag and stuff from fandom

Top of file cabinet, pics of Dad, BFF, cat, another vaction photo (Venice Beach), S&H puzzle in back. And monkeys.
Yes, I collect monkeys. Don't judge me.

Oh Noes! That giant zebra is going to destroy my mini-Stonehenge. Zebrapocolypse!!

Top left of cabinet.  Fake J2 Pic is fake. But the autographed photo of PMG is very genuine. Procured for me by a former
co-worker whose dad is like his second cousin or something.

Sorry. Y'all have to tilt our head sideways for this one. More vacation and fan swag. Oh Hi! Callum and Paul.

Finally, the inside-back of my office door. Next to David's poster are some pics my boss' daughter drew for me. The top
one is supposed to be me, I think. IDK

There you have it. A workday in the life of me. Bet you're all jealous now. Heh.
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