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Hi Everybunny! Just wanted to thank everyone for there well-wishes on my day of days, yesterday. I had a very nice day that included a free oil change (thanks to a coupon from my dealership) and a pretty positive visit to my tax guy (love him) resulting in me getting a refund big enough to pay off my debt to one of my sisters (the other one is just stuck with me and my cat) and pay for my COBRA health coverage for two months.

Which will come in handy as they are cutting back hours at my job due to the company not meeting sales goals.

BUT- More good news. My sister has talked to folks where she works part time and they told me to fill out an application (I did) and they called to ask me to come in on Monday for an interview. So, HOPEFULLY, they will hire me and I'll be able to coordinate the schedules between the jobs to get 40 hours. Won't qualify me for either one of their health plans, but at least the pay will help me afford the COBRA payments which I can be on for another several months.

Oh~ And another cool thing I received for my Birthday: my Niece burned me copies of Season 2 of BBC's Sherlock. I finished watching yesterday and...OH! I have so many feelings about it! Such a wonderful series. Those boys are so perfect together.

Also went out with Sister and BIL for Mexican last night. Yummers. Had the leftovers for lunch today at work. Still good.

BTW- has anyone been watching CKR on The Firm? I've been enjoying the opportunity to see him on my screen again each week. On the fence about the show itself, but it seems to be getting good. I do like the relationship between Callum's character and his brother. And he gets to be clever and I like that. And his character's name is Ray. RAY!!! Yes~ And....he has aged so beautifully. God. I love him.

So that's really all I have to say. Just wanted to keep you posted about the Birthday and other happenings. Thanks for listening. I'll reward you with pretty pictures now (shamelessly from here and Tumbler & Twitter)...

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