Feb. 12th, 2012 11:10 am
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IDK, man.

So, here's how my day off started out:

My sister came back into the apartment after leaving for work and asked me, "How calm are you?"

Well, that's never a good question to hear (in our family). "Um, okay I guess,(?)" was my reply, kind of expecting her to tell me that my car wouldn't start because of the cold weather (feeling generous, I had told her she could use my car -the 'good car'- since I was off today).

"Okay, you're gonna want to call your insurance company, and the Police, to have them file a report because someone hit you car in the parking lot."




"How bad?"

"Pretty bad, you won't be able to drive it."


Yeah, so, you know, along with all the other things I've had going on in the past few months (losing my job and health insurance, being unable to get health coverage due to the preexisting condition of MS, having to sell my home, being unable to find a full time job with health coverage...the list goes on), I am faced with losing my reliable transportation (which I had taken excellent care of since I've bought it), through NO fault of my own.

Sigh. As grandma used to say, 'Sometimes if it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.'

But, BUT, I leave you with the with the silver lining(s) to the story...First, the local cop that they sent to check out the scene was SO CUTE. Wish I had a camera phone so I could've gotten his pic. Nice too. AND, as he surveyed the scene, he picked up a big piece of vehicle that had broken off, which I had noticed but thought it was part of my car's bumper or undercarriage or something, and he informed me that it was from the vehicle that hit mine and there was a VIN # on it!!  HAH! Take that! 

I have good insurance, so I wasn't that concerned (other that the 500 deductible),  but I have a great sense of satisfaction in that they should be able to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. I'm not normally about being punitive, (in fact I remember many years ago being dinged by a car in my parking garage and the person left a note apologizing with their phone number to call to pay for the damage, and I told them to forget about it as it was purely cosmetic damage and that old car was a beater anyway) but people need to be aware of how their actions affect others. If that means that they be made to pay my deductible, so be it.

Anyway, for now, I've done what I can. Police are filing the report and have taken pictures (as have we), and I called the central processing number for my insurance carrier (why do these things have to happen on Sunday, when no one is in their offices?), and will follow up with my insurance agent on Monday to see what they determine about fixing my car. I would like it to be fixable, as I am the sole owner and have super low miles on it and have kept up with the maintenance and don't think I could find as good a replacement for the same year/model.

How's your weekend going?

Hey! Who wants to look at Pretty Pictures?

Sorry, I forgot who to credit for this pic comparison, feel free to say if it is yours.
There...I feel better.
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