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I promised a couple weeks back that I'd post a fic by request for folks who sponsored me on my upcoming MS Walk.
HBB stepped up, once again this year, and requested something about Heyes' smile. This is what she gets. Well, this and my deep gratitude for her support in my various endeavors.


His Smile…



Cowboy smiles this way... )


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Finally posting my response to the meme prompt request from Kat. And I guess it's more than a snippet coming in a little over 2,500 words. But Kat's wonderful little plot bunny allowed me to develop a story I thought needed exploring. That is, the relationship Heyes had with Big Jim Santana when Santana used to be the leader of the Devil's Hole gang. And if you've ever seen the episode 'Return to Devil's Hole' you can't miss that BIg Jim was in Heyes' personal space. A LOT. And Kid was left back in town, and not there to protect his boyfriend...oh noes...Anyway. I wrote this when I was supposed to be working today. Bad me. Oh and here's a couple caps with Big Jim (aka Fernando Lamas), for those who needed a reminder.



Big Jim's Ghost )



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Where everything comes together...for those of you have hung in there.



Heyes & Curry Ride Again Part IV )



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You'll really want to read these in order otherwise you'll be confuzzled...



Heye & Curry Ride Again Part III )
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Glad I tried to post this here first. Having some trouble due to the length of the piece exceeding the max allowed on LJ, and I always have a hard time deciding where to break. Doesn't help that the story moves back and forth with flashbacks. So I'm hoping people will be able to follow it.

About it being AU: I have a hard time reading a lot of AU, but this shouldn'e be too trying...You can just imagine the same cowboys we know and love in the main roles. It was the only way I could think to bring their spirits forward into to the 1980s so they can meet S&H (next story). Anyway...I told a friend on LJ this week that she shouldn't worry about trying to please others with her writing and should write what makes her happy. So that's what I did here...took my own advice.

*And I wrote my first fully 'fleshed-out' sex scene in this story...just in time for Halloween.





Heyes & Curry Ride Again )

ASJ Ficlet

Oct. 9th, 2009 04:57 pm
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For those who were nice enough to help me come up with inspirational quotes from all my fave fandoms, here's a little ASJ piece. You know the drill. Slash. PWP. Happy Ending.  about 1500 words. Carry on...


Heyes’ Last Scheme



Heyes was upset... )




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